Our Company

World of Rustic frames was started 13 years ago, in a small workshop in Woodstock providing rustic frames and furniture. A hobby turned business started with a passion for wood creating frames and furniture. Word of mouth spread fast by more and more people requesting frames and furniture this resulted in the referral of new buyers turning a hobby into a business.

At World of Rustic Frames we design and put together frames, furniture and all new ideas for our Shabby Chic line. We feel strongly about the environment and preserving it, we saw the need to recycle wood and save the environment. We use Organ pine, pine, sleeper wood, Cherry wood and oak wood or whatever comes our way. We take pride in our products by providing a superb finish.

Our products are handcrafted with care by a team of passionate individuals. The main designer Victor Da Silva is a perfectionist and takes his work very seriously. All staff under him have gained proper skills to perform their daily tasks efficiently.

Our eCommerce site has a dedicated team behind the scenes looking after each order. We really care about your order and want to make sure you get what you have purchased. Our products are carefully designed from start to finish. It is made to last from quality hand selected recycled wood.

By buying our product not only will you be supporting the movement towards recycled products, you will not be adding to your carbon foot print, as we are using 100% recycled wood. We strongly believe in the term save a tree today. Support reclaimed wooden products. We are able to ship around the world and we understand logistics are different from country to country, so please email us on info@worldofrusticframes.co.za for shipping quotes.

– We offer good service
– Recycled wood (save a tree by using recycled wood)
– Customised furniture to fit any space
– Choose design and make it your own
– Choose your own colour